June 21, 2018

SEATTLE, June 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 2nd Watch announces a new security solution for companies in highly regulated industries using a combination of cloud platforms. The SaaS-based solution offers ongoing scanning, assessment, auditing and remediation of security threats through a central management console. Companies also gain access to unique workload and application insights from 2nd Watch experts, providing enterprise IT and security professionals with support for governance and compliance issues.

The dynamic nature of multi-cloud environments, in which resources are being enabled and disabled constantly, makes it difficult for IT and security pros to monitor all assets — AMIs and VMs — proactively in real time. Existing tools are fine for managing security in one cloud or another, but few can effectively synthesize incidents across environments, which forces companies to use more than one solution and jump from system to system in order to understand what’s happening. What’s more, legacy solutions are rarely customizable to a company’s workload or application architecture.

The 2nd Watch Vulnerability Assessment solution provides multi-cloud scanning for vulnerabilities, application/workload audits, multi-OS support and workload grouping. It allows for application/workload remediation, scope of health reporting, and compliance and governance reporting. Users can deploy the solution to multiple clouds and AMI/VM resources at the same time, and automatically implement new resources upon creation. The solution is highly customizable and supports operations across dynamic virtual network topologies and architectures. It also supports multiple implementation vectors, including agent-based, agentless and CSP-centric tooling, and has been optimized to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

“The 2nd Watch Vulnerability Assessment offering is an enterprise-grade security management solution designed to provide instant insights and remediation capabilities across the leading cloud infrastructure platforms,” says Jeff Aden, EVP of Marketing and Business Development at 2nd Watch. “From a central management console, users can see the latest security threats as they’re happening, without regard to the cloud platform from which they’re emanating. The system is easy to implement and use, and it’s highly customizable. Nearly every large company is using more than one cloud platform. Our offering solves a significant problem for organizations in this camp.”

About 2nd Watch

2nd Watch is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Azure Silver Partner, providing managed cloud to enterprises. The company’s subject matter experts, software-enabled services and cutting-edge solutions provide companies with tested, proven, and trusted solutions, allowing them to fully leverage the power of the cloud. 2nd Watch solutions are high performing, robust, increase operational excellence, decrease time to market, accelerate growth and lower risk. Its patent-pending, proprietary tools automate everyday workload management processes for big data analytics, digital marketing, line-of-business and cloud native workloads. 2nd Watch is a new breed of business which helps enterprises design, deploy and manage cloud solutions and monitors business critical workloads 24×7. 2nd Watch has more than 400 enterprise workloads under its management and more than 200,000 instances in its managed public cloud. The venture-backed company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. To learn more about 2nd Watch, visit www.2ndwatch.com or call 888-317-7920.