About Us

Our Growth

While we now manage approximately $500 million in assets, we started out with just a $30 million fund and leveraged our wealth of experience of founding, operating, and investing in growth technology companies to create unique opportunities and partner with market leading companies.  Our diverse network of industry contacts, extensive experience in creative deal structuring, and direct and straight-forward approach to diligence and deal execution contributed to Delta-v’s growth over the years.  Today, we continue to seek minority investments across technology sectors, including enterprise software, information services, cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud, and communications infrastructure.

Our Beginnings

Delta-v Capital was founded in 2009 by Rand Lewis and Dave Schaller.  The founders envisioned a new kind of private technology investment firm that focused on providing secondary liquidity to management teams, founders, and early investors.  While initially a novel concept, secondary liquidity has become widely accepted and common place throughout the technology ecosystem as companies continue to take longer to exit or go public.

Our Promise to You

In order to be more supportive and flexible relative to capital needs, we expanded our scope over time to include primary growth capital. In addition to solving for diverging liquidity needs, we provide the resources at times necessary for a company to achieve its growth potential.  In every transaction, we come to the table as a flexible partner who strives for a win-win outcome.

Together, we work toward the shared goal of helping market leading technology companies realize a higher trajectory of growth and success.

2016 Team Offsite in Traverse City, MI

2017 Team Offsite in Keystone, CO