March 28, 2018

CHICAGOMarch 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Label Insight, the market leader for product transparency, today announced that it has signed an expansive, multi-year deal with Topco Associates LLC, a provider of innovative business solutions for its food industry member-owners and customers. Under the agreement, Label Insight will provide high quality product images alongside the industry’s largest and most complete product attribute data set to better inform Topco stakeholders about the nutrient and ingredient composition of all Topco-procured private label products. The agreement includes all product categories such as food, beverage, baby, pet and cosmetics. Label Insight will also power SmartLabel™ pages, including images and data, for all Topco brand products.

“We are excited to be working with Topco to deliver the industry’s only image and data solution for its transparency programs,” said Paul Schaut, CEO of Label Insight. “As the largest food retailer in the U.S., Topco is leading the way in providing their member-owners the tools to better understand the products their customers use and consume, and then communicate those insights and attributes to their customers.”

Topco will become the first customer for Label Insight Capture, a newly launched service providing marketing, planogram and 360-degree product presentation images. At the same time, Label Insight will map each of Topco’s products’ high order attribute data to its corresponding images. High order attribute data is an enhanced, more detailed version of conventional attributes, specifically designed to meet the increasing consumer demand for better product information and transparency.

To access high order attribute data, Topco will license Label Insight SPECs covering allergens and intolerances, specialty diets, sustainability and minimally processed products. Topco member-owners and customers will be able to view data, search and filter using SPECs and attributes, as well as drill down to product-specific pages to view data and claims from the product package.

“We are committed to providing an unparalleled experience to both our member-owners and their customers through Topco’s Product Transparency Initiative,” said ‎Randy Skoda, President and CEO of ‎Topco.  “Being able to share granular and meaningful attribute data from Label Insight will give our members the ability to meet the varied health, wellness, lifestyle and sustainability concerns of their shoppers.”

Topco Associates, LLC is a $14 billion, privately held, member-owned company that provides aggregation, innovation and knowledge management solutions for its leading food industry member-owners and customers, including grocery retailers, wholesalers food service and pharmacy companies. Topco leverages the collective volume, knowledge and commitment of these companies to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reducing costs and offering winning business-building capabilities.

About Label Insight
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