BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LogRocket, makers of the best-in-class Digital Experience Analytics platform that enables customers to narrow in on the most important issues affecting user experience in just minutes, today announced it has launched LogRocket Conditional Recording, the only solution that allows customers to intelligently capture only the digital analytics data that matters to their business. In addition, the company also announced that it has raised $25m in Series C, led by Delta-v Capital and Battery Ventures, enabling the company to further enhance its machine learning capabilities of its innovative digital platform.

Traditional digital analytics solutions require teams to pay for every user experience captured on their site, which quickly becomes cost-prohibitive for large B2C and B2B brands. Many teams turn to sampling data to control costs, which leads to problems when important data is missing. LogRocket Conditional Recording removes this limitation by intelligently detecting negative user experience and ensuring that these negative experiences are captured and stored. Instead of relying on sampling which can miss important data, LogRocket customers reliably know that 100% of the data they need will be available in real time.

“With consumers accelerating their adoption of digital channels around the world, there is more data than ever before that can be used to optimize experiences,” said Matt Arbesfeld, LogRocket co-founder and CEO. “Customers don’t need more data, they need more actionable insights from their data. Our new Conditional Recording solution helps product teams understand what will positively impact their customers’ experience with powerful analytics, fueled by machine learning. This solution is the first and only of its kind to automatically arm our users with the key insights they can use to confidently and quickly improve their digital experience.”

Empowering Organizations to Build Best of Class User Experiences

Conditional Recording is a first-of-its-kind solution that uses user-defined conditions and machine learning to allow customers to capture and surface only the digital experience data that matters to their businesses.

LogRocket customers, particularly those with large B2C brands, have seen success with the new solution: “It was possible to capture everything, but it just wouldn’t be cost effective for an eCommerce platform,” according to Sam Siskind, Senior Manager of Customer Support for Dutchie (a fast-growing cannabis technology and eCommerce platform). “We chose LogRocket because we wanted to have more control over what we knew we would need recordings of to capture product insights and understand common support areas. Conditional Recording allows us to track sessions that include high-value activities and identify any errors that occur.”

Now, with the release of LogRocket Conditional Recording, software teams can take full advantage of LogRocket’s cutting-edge capabilities available for web and mobile, regardless of the immense scale of their application, in a cost- and effort-effective manner without sacrificing impact.

LogRocket Conditional Recording features include:

  • Rules-based session capture – Enables customers to select the sessions that are most important to their business goals. While LogRocket can capture every session, it will now retain only the ones that meet the rules, ensuring no sessions are missed.
  • Enhanced lookback capabilities – Retained sessions can now feature either 30-second or full lookback so that customers have the context needed to understand how users got to the point where the criteria was met.
  • Value-added data insights  With LogRocket’s machine learning capabilities, it will help users to predict where frustrating experiences will occur, and conditionally record only those sessions to return maximum value to the customer.

New Funding to Further Scale Machine Learning and Analytics for Digital Experiences

LogRocket’s $25 million Series C funding round was led by global investment firms Delta-v Capital and Battery Ventures. Delta-v Partner Dan Williams has joined Neeraj Agrawal, General Partner at Battery Ventures, and Stan Reiss, General Partner at Matrix Partners, on LogRocket’s board of directors. Additionally, Max Schireson, former CEO of MongoDB, has joined LogRocket’s board of directors as an observer. The latest round of funds will be used to grow headcount and further the company’s investment in machine learning-based insights for their best-in-class Digital Experience Analytics platform.