Liquidity Solutions & Growth Equity

We use our capital, creativity, and experience to offer liquidity solutions and growth equity that enable private technology companies to realize a higher trajectory of growth and success.

delta-v: n., the total ‘effort’ required to change from one trajectory to another

Liquidity Solutions

We were founded with a focus on providing secondary liquidity solutions to shareholders in private technology companies. Current and former management team members, founders, and other investors including individuals, angels, venture funds, and corporate have realized liquidity from Delta-v. We aim to provide a win-win outcome when the diverging liquidity needs within a company’s stakeholder base run counter to shareholder stability and vitality.

Growth Equity

We partner with market leading companies with proven business models to provide the capital required to accelerate growth through a targeted use of proceeds. Our goal is to help management teams create value through profitable revenue growth. Our targeted companies don’t need growth capital to maintain the status-quo, but instead understand that investing in the business in the right areas will allow them to achieve a higher trajectory.

Target Investments

We target interests in companies that have substantially removed product and business model risk, and are typically in the process of scaling the company with healthy growth rates and current or near term profitability.

Transaction Parameters

Secondary direct transaction or growth equity financing

$3 – $30 million equity investment per company and greater for special situations

Strong management team with domain expertise

Company Financial Parameters

Revenue > $10 million

EBITDA positive or expected to reach profitability without raising additional capital

Annual revenue growth ≥ 20%

Target Sectors

⋅  Information and Data Services      ⋅  Security

⋅  Enterprise Software and SaaS       ⋅  Big Data and Analytics

⋅  Internet and Digital Media              ⋅  Technology-enabled Services

⋅  Cloud and Communications Infrastructure


  • Through my experience on multiple boards with the Delta-v founders, I have found them to strike the proper balance of being exceptionally strong advocates while simultaneously being constructive counselors to management.

    Matt Newton

    CEO @ Everest Infrastructure Partners

  • Rand’s proven ability to help entrepreneurs achieve successful outcomes provided a loyal network of executives who found value from his direction, insight, and participation in business strategy.

    Steve Halstedt

    Founder & Managing Director @ Centennial Ventures

  • Dave was a key contributor to the boards he served on at CenterPoint. His industry knowledge and network was available to portfolio companies around the clock and was supplemented by strong business judgment and board leadership.

    Bill Bock

    SVP & CFO @ Silicon Laboratories