In 2009, Rand and Dave envisioned a new kind of private technology investment firm founded by experienced technology investors and focused on providing secondary liquidity to management teams, founders, and early investors. Since inception, Delta-v has expanded its scope to include growth equity allowing Delta-v to provide late-stage growth companies with multiple strategic capital options.

Dave and Rand have decades of combined growth technology investing experience and were formerly principals at CenterPoint Ventures and Centennial ventures, respectively. The Principals’ many years of founding, operating, and investing in growth technology companies provides a strong resource for existing management and stakeholders during and after a transaction. Our diverse network of industry contacts, extensive experience in creative deal structuring, and direct and straight-forward approach to diligence and deal execution is highly regarded within the industry.

We invest in market leading technology companies. The Fund targets interests in companies that have substantially removed product and business model risk and are typically in the process of scaling the company with healthy growth rates and current or near term profitability. We seek to invest between $2 million and $20+ million per single asset transaction.

The secondary direct element of our strategy allows us to provide a win-win outcome when the diverging liquidity needs within a company’s stakeholder base run counter to shareholder stability and vitality. In these instances, a transaction can provide an exit option for current holders who have a more pressing need for liquidity than the majority holders. Alternatively, transactions can also serve to realign the incentives of the financial investors with founders and management, or to provide diversification to existing holders.